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Jul 8, 2012 7:30am PDT
hours. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we have a lot of items to talk about, the big story, high- speed rail. i understand you spoke with a labor leader about the impact >> that's right, we will hear from jerry hill, a fervent supporter of rail project. >> he will be talking about changing the law in california that could change the amount of parents that a child can have. first, another warning for beachgoers this morning after a shark attack in santa cruz county. >> a great white shark took a bite out of a fremont man kayak and left us knowing how dangerous waters can be. he was fishing a popular spot called pleasure point off of capitola. with the shark measured between 14-18 ft. long according to experts. it cost the voters out of the kayak while it was fishing and then he bit leaving a tooth behind. luckily the fisherman was not injured. other local fisherman say it is a reminder that in these waters, we are on the sharks turf >> we know they're out there and it is awesome to see they are in there looking for food and they just it mistook a kayaker for something he eat >> th
Jul 1, 2012 7:30am PDT
for joining us. >> we have all lot of news to cover, a big week in sacramento where they pass the budget but coming up, high-speed rail. a big vote this week on the future of high-speed rail. >> he spent time in sacramento last week >> it was warm up there. i don't know where it was hotter, inside or outside the capital because it was not pretty to as they hammered that together and you were with ross mirkarimi at the hearing >> we will talk about the latest of the testimony. several new laws coming into effect as it is the beginning of july >> friends of a missing dodgers fan who may have fallen into the bay are reaching out to the public for help >> they're conducting another search along the embarcadero. victor and a friend left at&t park after the giants dodgers game monday night. they were walking near pier 30 and pier 32 when he vanished. the coast guard and fire department search turned up nothing. the official search was called off on tuesday. >> for friends and family has been really rough but we are trying to stay strong and pulled together in the out years to support his famil
Jul 15, 2012 7:30am PDT
panhandle in bringing us northwesterly wind and a cool coast line. we should have clearing in the valleys and a few degrees warmer over yesterday. the future cast shows that we are really clearing things away from the shoreline later today. it comes back in toward sunset tonight. there is just not as much in one movement of the low clouds as we have had over the past few days. we will expect things to be sunny this afternoon with forecast highs near 90 in the inland areas. in the week ahead things look cool. tomorrow we will look for morning clouds at the airport at sfo. wind out of the west at 20 m.p.h.. l.a. on monday expecting sunshine and 72. 88 in denver. 93 in new york city. it is hot in the northern end of the sacramento valley. 103 degrees in redding. 65 in monterey. for the bay area today, here's what we're looking at. san jose will come in with a high of 81 degrees. look at half moon bay, 62 degrees. low cloud lingering at the coast. 87 in brentwood, 79 in pleasanton. in the north bay, bodega bay at 60 degrees. in san francisco, 64. we've nudged the temperatures up to day but mo
Jul 22, 2012 7:30am PDT
where he got all these firearms, where he got the chemicals that he used. the fbi came in yesterday and they were able to get rid of the trip wire. they said this was a very elaborate scheme that would have seriously injured or killed anybody who walk through that door. >> a complicated plot he had been working on for months. >> the violence in colorado has started another debate over gun control. new york mayor michael bloomberg is calling on democrats and republicans to do more. he told bob schieffer that he believes the nation's crime rate would go down if there were fewer guns on the streets. you can watch that the date on face the nation at 8:30 a.m. here on cbs by >> to teenage girls were at midnight screenings in the same theater. labor in theater no. 8 right next to #91 bullets came through the walls. they ran out of a theater with a wounded young man. >> he actually started waving the paramedics the side and telling them to treat them were injured victims so he waited for a while for an ambulance >> the girl's mother says she is grateful but also feels guilty that other par
Jul 29, 2012 7:30am PDT
problems with the increase crimes >> san jose police sgt adjacent wire told us that they did not victim only assist with other agencies come to shut down the encampment. this has neighbors feeling like that nowhere to turn >> one of san francisco's most popular medical marijuana at dispensaries will close its doors for good on tuesday. the vapor room has been a mainstay since 2004. in a letter a u.s. attorney for and seize the property with possible jail time for the owners because it is too close to a playground. the california republican party is backing off an intention to pursue a voter i.d. initiative >> a former spokeswoman person who was just laid off says the state gop simply does not have resources to undertake an expensive and controversial campaign in such as this. it would require approval from the gop board of directors. meanwhile a new voter i.d. law in pennsylvania is the subject of a legal fight. challengers say it amounts to a blatant attempt to suppress minority voters. hundreds of thousands of people could be affected. >> i think >> 93 year-old vivian has been brought
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5